Best Foot Massager Spa in Palm Beach, FL

If you live in Palm Beach and you’re looking for the best foot massager Spa in the neighborhood, Paradise Foot Spa is the place to be. We operate a luxury massage therapy studio that offers the most relaxing treatments in all of Palm Beach, Florida.

Our team of trained specialists will attend to you in the most professional ways possible. You will be so engulfed with the soothing comfort that come with the foot and leg massage to the extent that you may find yourself sleeping deeply immediately the treatment begins and may not wake up until the process has been completed.

Foot massage has been one of the traditional healing methods. It was able to survive till this day due to its many benefits to the overall well-being of people who seek the therapy. Let’s consider a few benefits of foot massage therapy so you can have a deeper understanding on why people have to embrace it.

Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot massage has been in existence since the ancient era in the traditional Chinese societies. It was an effective method of improving health and overall well-being among the people. Lifestyles today have made foot massage even more important to our health and overall well-being than ever before. Here are some of the benefits of foot massage to your health:

  • The shoes we wear on daily basis often have damaging effects on the nerves on our feet. This may cause burning sensations on the feet. So getting a regular foot massage sessions can serve as a workout, which can help to increase air and blood circulation on your feet. This will help create a soothing relief for you.
  • Foot massage can help reduce stress condition
  • Study has also shown that reflexology, a type of foot massage, reduces anxiety in cancer patients if done regularly.
  • It helps you to feel better and more comfortable
  • Foot massage helps you to relax
  • It helps to repair and rejuvenate nerves in your feet
  • It promotes better sleep
  • It relieves aches and pains
  • It gives you healthier feet

Our Offers at Paradise Foot Spa

At Paradise Foot Spa, your comfort is our priority. Hence, we often strive to offer you the best experience as well as making sure you enjoy all the health benefits of foot massage. We are the best foot massager in Palm Beach. Our services include; a foot soak, upper body massage (head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands), and a foot massage. Come to us today for a professional foot massage session and you will be glad you did.

No doubt, foot massage is an awesome well-being therapy suitable for everyone. All you need to do is to seek the service of professionals who understand the different spots on your feet and how to massage it to keep you healthy. Visit Paradise Foot Spa in Jupiter today for the best foot and body massage.

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Foot Massages in Palm Beach Gardens

Foot massage is one of the ancient therapies that are still very much with us today. In fact, massage, just like Yoga, is fast becoming a mainstream medicine. This is not surprising given the many benefits of this alternative medicine.

Of course, several studies have shown the many benefits of regular massage including foot massage. Common among these benefits is the fact that it improves blood circulation, stimulates the muscles, reduces tension in the body, eases body pain, helps to speed the healing process, as well as reduces stress and anxiety.

Your feet work hard for you on daily basis and they deserve some treat, once in a while, so they can continue to promote your overall well-being. However, if you want to maximize the benefits of foot massage, it is imperative that you seek the service of professionals. Paradise Foot Spa in Jupiter, FL, is one of the leading beauty and wellness outfit in the US. It offers you top-notch foot and body massage with series of relaxing techniques. Some of our services include: foot soak, upper body massage (head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands), and a foot massage.

If you have never considered visiting a Spa for a proper foot massage in the past, here are a few reasons why you should make such visits part of your regular routines.

Benefits of Foot Massage

  1. It Promotes Better Sleep

A foot massage, just a few minutes before going to bed, can help promote a restful night sleep. Pressing your thumb in and around the big toe and on the bottom of your feet for about 10 minutes with warm coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil will help promote better sleep.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Massaging your foot for just 10 minutes can help improve blood circulation in your feet, especially for those with sedentary lifestyles. It helps you to rejuvenate you foot from the damages often cause by improper footwear.

  1. Helps You Relax

After a long day of standing and walking around doing your daily chores, a soothing foot massage, later in the day, can help you to stay relaxed and feel reenergized.

  1. It Fights Depression

If you have been living in a state of depression due to a job loss or the loss of a loved one, foot massage can come handy for you. The soothing hands provide the consolation that can help you to manage grieve and adapt to changes in life.

  1. It Relieves Aches and Pains

Foot message has therapeutic effects on different type of pains. Some of the painful condition you can overcome using foot massage include: body aches, headaches, migraines, neck pain, and lower and upper backaches.

  1. It Gives You Healthier Feet

Maintaining a regular foot massage is one of the sure-fire ways to keep your feet healthy and free from all kinds of foot problems. A proper foot massage helps to stimulate the muscles around your feet, thereby reducing stiffness and rigidness of your ankles and heels.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, foot massage is an awesome well-being therapy suitable for everyone. All you need to do is to seek the service of professionals who understand the different spots on your feet and how to massage it to keep you healthy. Visit Paradise Foot Spa in Jupiter, today for the best foot and body massage.


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Why is Paradise Foot Spa the best foot massage?

Your body needs the best kind of care it can get. You only have this one after all. One of the most stressed parts of the body is the foot. This makes it essential to get foot massages from time to time. It will keep your feet fit and healthy. This will transmit to other parts of your body.

It is not enough to get a foot massage. It is quite important to get the best kind available. That is where Paradise Foot Spa comes in. Paradise Foot Spa is the best foot massage service available. The reasons for this bold assertion are not farfetched. They pay the best possible attention to your feet and ensure that your feet stay healthy.

There are many reasons to employ the services of Paradise Foot Spa. Some of them are:

  1. It can help you relieve stress and relax. Research has shown that foot massage is effective at easing your worries. Patients in critical care have been known to respond positively to a foot rub. You don’t have to do general body massage to get relief from stress. A professional foot massage from a spa like Paradise Foot Spa will do the magic.
  2. Insomnia can be defeated. The right foot massage can help you enjoy better sleep. Many people who suffer from insomnia have reported dramatic improvements after getting a foot massage from Paradise Foot Spa. The solar plexus reflex has been known to house a lot of stress. Spotting the solar plexus and massaging it can yield a blissful sleep.
  3. Better blood circulation in the feet. Technology has increased the number of people living sedentary lives. When you have been in a position for a long time, it can cause you to lose proper circulation to your feet. A foot massage fixes that.
  4. Reduced Blood Pressure. According to a Korean study, blood triglyceride levels and systolic blood pressure experienced considerable improvement after a foot massage. More discoveries are being made connecting foot massage to better health among hypertensive patients. For example, hypertensive patients who received reflexology treatments have been able to reduce the dosage of their medications.
  5. Increased rate of recovery from injury. Foot massage can help reduce joint pains and improve the speed of recovery from injuries. One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Standing for too long, hard landing or doing sports that require you to jump many times can put you at risk of plantar fasciitis. Foot massage, when done correctly and regularly can prevent this from happening.
  6. Reduces headaches and migraines. Reflexology can help in dealing with migraines, research has shown. When done regularly, you will find that after a while, say three months, the constant headaches will stop, and you feel much better. This option is healthier than heavily medicating yourself.
  7. It can decrease anxiety levels. Generally, people who get anxious a lot experience calm after giving Paradise Foot massage a go. You should try it sometime.

The complexities of the human body cannot be exhausted. However, an effective solution to the common maladies that befall the body solution is effective and sufficient foot massage. What is worth doing is worth being done well. Paradise Foot Spa ensures you get the best foot massage possible.

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Can A Massage Help My Feet?

Can A Massage Help My Feet?

Walking, from point to point, bearing the weight of the body, on two feet can be quite demanding right? Hitting stones, cans, always in close contact with the ground, there is no telling that our feet are one of the most used and stressed parts of our bodies.

Giving them a treat is something that has become quite popular today and we really think they deserve it. Don’t you?

Foot massage is the act of kneading or rubbing the foot to promote circulation, suppleness and /or relaxation. It is a cheap and simple method of achieving relaxation. It is based on the principle of foot reflexology.

While a professional foot massage is a treat, you do not need it to get the whole benefits of a foot massage. Just sit in a comfortable chair, place your foot on the thigh of the other leg, pour some oil and rub gently and massage your whole feet. Don’t leave the toes, arch and heel. Knead deeper and press more firmly using your thumbs. Gently pull the thumbs apart with your hands.

Repeat for the other foot. You can also make use of foot massage devices available in local health stores that can easily get this job done for you.

Having Talked About Foot Massages, What are the Advantages?

Firstly, the relaxation effect: After a day of standing and walking round and round, a great foot massage can help you relax those feet and also your entire body. Gentle, firm strokes can send relieve signals throughout your body. You should try this out because they are very soothing.

Secondly, it makes your feet healthier. A lot of us wear tight foot wears for long periods of time. This can hinder blood flow and even cause pains and aches. Heel spurs, ankle pain and stiffness are also some results of a stressed foot. Foot massage can help to prevent or reduce the effects of these. Foot massage can also be used in combination with other forms of treatment to combat Restless leg syndrome, a neurological disorder.

Thirdly: Foot massage in the period of pregnancy can help to alleviate the oedema associated with pregnancy. During this period, it is recommended that you get the foot massage done by your partner, a friend or better still, a professional. Along with daily foot massage, also try to always keep your feet elevated whenever possible.

Fourthly, foot massage can also help people with flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Flat feet are a condition in which there is a collapse of the foot arch due to ligament laxity. This condition is associated with pain in some people. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia (a connective tissue that supports the foot arch). This condition is also associated with chronic pain and discomfort. Deep massage coupled with regular exercise can help to significantly lessen this pain

Finally, whether or not you agree, the feet are a source of mild arousal and foot massage can help improve your sex life. Just some more candles, and very good background music you can have a pleasant night with your partner.

So yes, Foot massage can help your foot and even other body parts!

Want To Have A Foot Massage Done By A Professional?

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How Massage Works on the Cellular Level

How Does a Massage Really Work?

Those who have gone through the experience of receiving a massage know of the many benefits it brings. Of course not 2 massages are the same, but we can all agree that it causes your body to feel good. So good in fact that scientists got curious and asked, “what really goes on, on the cellular level, when we get a massage?”

Latest Research on How Massage Works

Prior to some recent research, there was a lot of ambiguity around how massage really affects our bodies. For example, the commonly held belief was that the reason why massage is so effective in helping the body recover from intense exercise was because the pressure would cause the lactic acid to be eliminated from tired muscles. However, the latest research is showing that that massage therapy helps the body heal.

Scientists tested on eleven volunteers and took blood and tissue samples before and after a grueling cycling session. Ten minutes after the exercise the test group received a massage only on one leg then samples were taken from their quadriceps muscles (10 minutes after the massage and then 3 hours after the workout.)

According to  scientists were shocked to find that the massaged legs had 30% more PGC-lalpha, a gene that helps muscle cells build mitochondria (the engines of the cell). In addition, these cells had three times less NFkB, which turns on genes associated with inflammation.


After exercise, massage therapy suppresses inflammation and promotes faster healing by increasing the production of mitochondria. Thomas Best, a sports medicine physician who has studied massage’s effects on animals said, “This is probably the best study I’ve seen that looks at the biological basis for massage therapy.”

So if you’re looking to decrease inflammation and repair your body on the cellular level, visit a massage therapist!

Click Here to Learn of 8 Benefits of a Foot Massage


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Why Drink Water AFTER Massage?

Why is Water served After Massages?

A popular practice in massage parlors and after therapy sessions is for a masseuse to offer a nice, refreshing cup of water. Have you ever wondered why this is such a common practice? In this post we’ll sate your curiosity and put us all on the same page!

Avoid De-hydration – Getting Educated

When it comes to water, do we really drink enough?

It’s a common symptom in our rushed lifestyles of going from activity to activity to forget to take a second for ourselves and be refreshed by a glass of hydrating water. Due to the constant “on-the-go” lifestyles we live many of us may end up becoming a little de-hydrated.

Coupled with the fact that we may forget to drink enough water daily — doctors recommend 8 cups a day — we also sweat about 1 quart each day! This is no surprise with the fact that we have more than 2.5 MILLION eccrine sweat glands helping regulate our temperature.

Armed with this knowledge we can see that the water our therapists offer is a labor of love just as much as it is a pleasant convenience!

Potential Benefits of Water AFTER a Massage

The research on this topic is still a budding field. Direct correlations between massage and water have not been completely verified HOWEVER, we do know that it adds to the refreshing experience and often brings a big smile to your face.

That being said, proponents of water after a massage site the belief that our bodies store toxins and when we fail to move them enough or in the proper way, these toxins can become stuck.

When you take the time to receive a relaxing and releasing massage from a certified specialist, you are telling your body that you LOVE IT. In return, your body takes that love and does it’s best to keep you healthy.

As a result of the popular lifestyle where Americans do not have the time or energy to workout daily, toxins become stuck in the body — a very common occurrence. MASSAGE TO THE RESCUE!

Toxin Release & Body Health

In order to do this, during the massage, it begins to release the toxins being held in the muscles which can cause symptoms like shoulder tension, lower back pain, and muscle soreness or tightness.

As the gentle hands of the certified specialist massages these pain points and helps relax your body, the toxins begin to release.

The next step is for your body to excrete these toxins so that they don’t linger and cause any harm. In order to do this, your liver and pancreas begin to go to work fighting the toxins.

A common way that they release these toxins from your body is to urinate. If you’ve ever felt the need to pee right after a massage, this is probably the reason why.

A cup of water after the session is the perfect way to replenish the liquids your body just released in order to detoxify itself.

Just like getting an oil change for your car to keep the engine running smoothly and improve its quality of life, water is our oil change and constant hydration is the best way to ensure that our internal engines are running smoothly as well.


In conclusion, we all need more water in our lives and we all forget to drink it from time to time.

Take a moment and tell your body that you love it by drinking a BIG, COOL glass of water. Grease your internal engines and give your hardworking organs the THUMBS-UP that they deserve!

Also, don’t be shy and feel free to ask for another cup if you feel the need!

REMEMBER, rather than feeling sluggish due to dehydration, it’s better to drink an extra cup and get back to a state of revitalized health!

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How to Deal with Back Pain at your Convenience

Are you Suffering from Lower Back Pain?

Perhaps you’ve either strained your back muscle or a ligament. Most back related injuries do not require urgent medical attention. However, this does not mean you should just try to block the pain and hope your lower back gets better on its on.

Proper care is needed! The pain may go away after some time, but the area will not have fully recovered which may make you more prone to strains and greater pain in the future. I know this from experience.

I once injured my back when I fell face first while ice skating. I rested for quite some time, about a month with minimal activity, until the pain went away. I thought the rest would be sufficient, but I was wrong. It wasn’t too long until I happened to have a cold which gave me an annoying cough. I was in the bathroom when I happened to cough really hard which threw out my back in the same exact area that I injured while ice skating. It was just a cough, but the strain was more painful than ever!

So please, take care of yourselves. Make sure your lower back gets fully healed and strengthened to prevent any future injury. Here are some ways you can actively deal with your back pain even in the convenience of your own home.

Treat Lower Back Pain At Your Convenience

1. Apply Heat to Lower Back

Heat therapy may require some personal experimentation.
Each person has a different tolerance level and application preference. I personally prefer going to the shower, letting the warm shower jet hit my lower back for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the severity of the pain. There are a number of methods to apply heat:

  • Heating Pads
  • Heat Wraps
  • Hot Baths

No matter the method heat therapy will provide pain relief and healing. It is evident that heat helps increase circulation and soften up the tissues. Whichever means, or temperature, make sure the warmth penetrates down into the affected muscle.

2. Exercise to Strengthen the Core

The main reason why lower back injuries occur is due to a weak core. In order to rehabilitate the back it’s important to tackle the problem at the source.

However, there are some exercises that should be avoided especially if you recently injured your back in which case some exercises may overstrain muscles and ligaments.

Take a look at these exercises from Web MD.

3. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy targets muscle tension and strain and can offer great relief. Not only can it offer healing in the affected area but it helps you cope with the pain since massage naturally raises serotonin and dopamine levels (hormones that help you feel good and relax).

In 2001 a study conducted by Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami in 2001 found that: “Massage lessened lower back pain, depression and anxiety, and improved sleep. The massage therapy group also showed improved range of motion and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher.” (International Journal of Neuroscience, 106, 131-145.)

Visit a local massage parlor or ask a friend or relative to give you a massage. Of course experienced therapists are the best. They’ll know how to deal with the injured area but make sure you communicate with them what your issues are in a detailed way.


Take care of yourself!! Prevention is key. The faster you deal with the issue the easier it will be to cope with the pain and prevent another strain, tension and injuries from occurring.

Have a healthy day!

For some helpful information on how to give someone a massage click below!


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The Importance of Our Feet – Jupiter FL

Here’s Why Our Feet are Important:

If the roots of a tree are healthy and strong there is a good (if not certain) indication that the rest of the plant will be healthy and strong. If the foundation of a particular building is firm and stable the rest of the structure will be sturdy and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions and damage. Now let’s take a look at our bodies. It is a structure, like a building, and our feet are the foundation of that structure.

Think of the huge role our feet play in our everyday lives. Our feet touch the ground whenever we stand, walk and run. They are connected to our legs which cause us to move. They are the beginning and the end of the “gait” or walking cycle, which help us move from one place to another smoothly.

No doubt we put our feet under a lot of stress. Just from a normal day of walking while at work or as you’re doing chores around the house, or running after your children. Unfortunately, it is easy to take our feet from granted. It’s about time we stop neglecting our feet in order to prevent injuries or illnesses. Prevention is key. Here are some measures you can take to make sure your feet stay healthy and strong while lowering your chances of illnesses such as athlete’s foot and bunions.

3 Ways to Prevent Foot Problems

Wash Your Feet

wash_footDon’t forget to wash your feet with a washcloth and soap while you’re taking a shower. And yes, that includes washing between your toes. If you can’t balance on one foot then sit down on a chair in the shower outside the tub as you wash your feet under the faucet. Once you’ve washed them make sure to dry them completely, especially between the toes, because that’s where bacteria and fungi can grow if its too damp which can cause athlete’s foot or bad odor.

Choose the Right Shoes

Shoes_foot_careThe key for choosing the right shoes is to go with your comfort level. You want to make sure your feet have enough room to move around. The worst thing you can do is suffocate your feet in tight shoes. This will cause problems with your feet on the long run and can even lead to back pain and headaches. Walk around in the pair of your choice for a while, if something is bothering you don’t think, “I just need to break them in”, they should be comfortable from the start. For more detailed tips for choosing the right shoes visit

Address Pain

If your feet are in pain address it as soon as possible. Do not wait for the pain to go away. You may need to try a variety of things; massage it, bathe it in hot water, alternate your shoes, or see a doctor. Pain can lead to serious foot issues like bunions, distorted foot shapes or uneven growth which can be harder to take care of as time goes on.

Click Here to Learn of 8 Benefits of a Foot Massage

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The Benefits of Pressure During a Massage

Massage therapy and Reflexology has many benefits, but in order to gain these benefits, first your massage therapist needs to use just the right amount of pressure.


A massage that doesn’t use enough pressure is a massage you can’t feel. While having someone lightly run their hands over your body may feel nice at the time, such a light touch is unable to provide you with the physical and mental health benefits that a good massage gives.

On the other end of the spectrum, a massage that uses too much pressure is painful, unpleasant, could leave you feeling worse afterwards than when you came into the spa, and sometimes can even lead to injury.

There is a happy middle ground of massage pressure that leaves an individual feeling good and relaxed. The amount of pressure needed for benefits varies from person to person and is different depending on what part of the body is being manipulated.

For these reasons, it is important for you to communicate with your massage therapist during the session and let them know whether they are not using enough pressure or if they are using too much pressure and causing pain.

When muscle tissue contracts, it can become compressed and undergo spasms. This can lead to chronic pain because it constricts nerves, Applying pressure during massage can expand and decompress the tissue in your muscles, tendons and ligaments, thereby relieving any compressed nerves which reducing pain. Aside from pain relief, the correct amount of pressure used on the ligaments and muscles of your body during a massage has many healing aspects. Amongst these are promoting healing, physical and mental relaxation, promoting good circulation and stimulating blood flow, preventing migraines, and increasing oxygen delivery to cells.

Massage therapy is an art and a learned skill. It is always best to receive massages from someone who has been professionally trained in the correct ways to perform a massage. In this way, you can be sure to receive the benefits of massage therapy without experiencing any of the pain.

Want To Have A Foot or Body Massage Done By A Professional?

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How Deep is Too Deep? Using Correct Pressure When Giving a Massage

A massage should usually be a pleasant, relaxing experience. The amount of pressure that you use while giving a foot, back, or full body massage can mean the difference between pain and pleasure.


Unless you have a very good reason for it, a massage should never be painful. Gentler treatments tend to produce better results then deep pressure.

Over 50% of people who have stopped getting massages, fired their massage therapist, or are actively trying to find a new massage spa said that their reason for doing so was that the massages were too intense.

It is worth noting that different people have different pain scales, therefore the amount of pressure that feels good to one person, could be painful for another person.

Different parts of the body also respond differently to pressure amounts. What feels good on your lower back can cause excruciating pain and even injury in the area around your ankles.

If you are performing a massage on someone, be sure to communicate with them, be attentive, and respect what they are telling you. If your client tells you that the massage is causing pain, back off and use less pressure, don’t continue applying the same pressure while trying to convince your client that this is good for them and you know what you’re doing.

Likewise, if you are on the receiving end of a massage, be assertive and tell your massage therapist if they are using too much or not enough pressure. It is not worth being in pain during and after a massage just because you were afraid to speak up in an attempt to be polite. While too much pressure can cause pain and possible injury, not enough pressure will make a massage a pointless waste of money as you will not receive any of the benefits.

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